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Nagios is a free opensource enterprise-class monitoring system.

Install & Configure Nagios in less than 5 minutes

NagStamon – Nagios status monitor for KDE GNOME


Step by Step How to slow down ssh brute force attacks by custom rules with SuSEfirewall

1) edit /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 about line 823 so it looks like the example



2) edit /etc/sysconfig/scripts/SuSEfirewall2-custom inbetween the { after fw_custom_before_port_handling() and true about line 60

iptables -N SSH_CHECK
iptables -A SSH_CHECK -m recent --set --name SSH
iptables -A SSH_CHECK -m recent --update --seconds 60 --hitcount 2 --name SSH -j DROP
iptables -A input_ext -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -j SSH_CHECK

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